Bespoke iroko Greenhouse

To strict specification from the owner, I built this greenhouse from a CAD drawing. We based it on the architect’s sketch with a few interpretations. It needs glazing and a roof. I’m looking forward to that day!  

Elm with Expertrees

Expertrees were asked to fell a local elm that I helped bring down in return for the timber. Tom then loaded the logs onto his trailer and delivered them for me. At Jo’s sawmills, Josh helped me by cutting to 5/8″ planks with a few at 1″ or 2″. I now have some lovely spalted …

Punt Refit

These two punts from a nearby lake were in a fairly bad state. The refit carried out at the workshop includes new gunwales, stem head, transom trim, thwarts, breasthook, quarter knees, new drainage plugs and paint.  

New Stock for Harbour Punt Planking

the new wood arrived yesterday. It is a really stunning 16’4″ of tight grained, clean larch and oak. One log with a little sweep, the other straight. The oak contains centre line stock and various planks. These will now season a little more before I get around to cutting and fairing the rabbet ready to …

Sculling Oar for a 50′ yacht

This curved Ash over the stern sculling oar was faired, steam bent, and tapered before the blades were glued on. The oar was then roughed out before the tip being added. The final shaping, sanding and finishing darkens the characteristic Ash grain and spalting.  

A Pair of Ash Oars

These oars were made to commission for a yacht tender. They are 6’6″ long, straight tapered with scalloped blades making the balance point very close to the gunwale and solid Ash looms, Sapeli laminate inside an Ash blade.