Bonnie Lass in Valencia

This trip to Valencia has so far been a great experience, working with  people experienced in their fields. It’s an industrial area with a yachty yard in the middle. The 57′ ring trawler ‘Bonnie Lass’ stands out in her authenticity. Topside planking, cover boards, frames, stanchions, capping, deck, blocking.

Harbour Punt 1:10 Model

The harbour punt needs a client! Would you be interested in commissioning a 14′ clinker punt? Choose the name, choose the colour and prepare to get out on the water.   The shape is based on the lines taken from the 1962 post boat built in Porthleven by Olivers for St Michaels Mount. After a …

New Workshop

The new workshop in Porthleven is down the road from the water and sheltered from the south westerlies. It’s a simple open shed 20′ by 14′ allowing the construction of smaller boats and oars. A 14′ harbour punt is being lofted in the shed next door, to be clinker built of native british timber. She’s based on …

Rinsed at Newlyn

At Newlyn, we Sculled and raced and had a lot of fun in the water. The team in the white boat won, as Jimmy had predicted. It also rained a lot, which washed the boats.

Racing identical oars

These oars are of a generic shape, as I see an oar. They are not really exclusively sculling oars but more punt oars that  would be a good shape and length to scull with! I made them to serve as race oars for the Newlyn Fish Festival tomorrow. Please come down anytime during the day …

Lengthened Ash Oar

Tasked to lengthen an old ash oar and clean it up. The oar was first straightened using lead weights, a wet cloth and a hot room, then stripped, scarphed, filled, sanded and primed. The top coats will go on next week.


Elaine Trethowan emailed explaining how the yawler worked the harbour. A Yawler is someone who tends a larger boat with a sculling punt. My job was to scull out between the Island and the shore at Mousehole, especially when the tide was low, and meet the Porthenys to ferry the crew, fish, provisions and any …