Newlyn fish festival has asked if there’s any way we can hold some kind of sculling event despite there being so little water on a spring low tide… last year the Barnabus and Happy return raced up and down the harbour to applause, this year there’s not enough water for them. Can anyone bring along their little punt to Newlyn so we can do a bit of a scully spectacle and moseys around the harbour? It’d be fantastic if we could get lots together. We would like to do our best to put something on for the festival and I think the festival may provide prizes! 



  1. Elaine Trethowan

    Can’t help with a punt but there may be a couple of suitable ones at Mousehole. Can help with the sculling, have sculled since I was a child and took part in the sculling race at Sea Salts & Sail.
    Let me know how I can help as keen to keep this ancient art alive.
    Kindest regards

    • gileshg

      Hi Elaine,

      great to hear you’re a fellow enthusiast and we’d love for you to scull with us during the festival. I’ll be in touch next week to keep you informed.


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