It’s a ridiculously low spring tide during the Festival this year, so … no Luggers will be able to race. But we’re introducing a new sculling event.
In years gone by, a common sight in the harbours of Cornwall would have been the punt, often laden with goods and coming alongside silently with ease and grace. Sculling is the name given to manoeuvring the punt. The art of sculling was a rite of passage, a point of pride amongst the people of the harbour – and it is receiving a new wave of interest.
The traditional punt is a clinker-built dinghy of larch and oak with a notch cut into the transom to hold the single oar in place. The oar is of ash. Its loom is long and the blade narrow. One hand on the oar and stood looking forwards, men and boys sculling would have been a common sight in the past.
At shortly after 16:00, we will see punts being sculled through a course in the harbour. All are welcome to participate in the race. There will be introductions and demonstrations earlier in the day. If you’re interested in showing your skills or perhaps just learning something new, come to the Sculling stand by the RNLI building where the event will be explained in full.

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