Scullywag builds oars, boats and takes on bespoke work at home or away. The workshop is at The Withy Field, Methleigh Bottoms, Porthleven, right next door to RGB. As well as the facilities here, I use a workshop van which allows me to work in more or less any location, even where there is no power, at home or abroad! 

The ambition with Scullywag is to develop the art of sculling through the building of oars and boats, promoting the sport and activity. This does not exclude other creative works. I enjoy taking on projects that require some thought and care.

My background is as follows. In 2005 I graduated from Glasgow School of Art with a BA in Fine Art. In 2009 I enrolled on a general boatbuilding course at Erhvervsskolen Nordsjælland, to the North of Copenhagen, Denmark. Following the introductory course (Grundforløb), I was apprenticed to Chantier du Guip in Brest, France. After graduating from my two year apprenticeship, I worked for Butler & Co for three years on a variety of new/restoration boat projects. Since then I have worked as a self-employed crafts person in the wooden boat industry.


Stern, and the workshop van